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In Digital World Every person wants to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. For which, there are lots of social share networks, Forums, And Q&A sections to use. But Social networks & Other platform are not a suitable place to share our thinking and ideas. because of privacy propose & Limited Feature. So to avoid such type of things there is a solution to make a Blog. If we search for any blogging platform, There are plenty of providers on the Internet. But Generally some are paid platform and some are free. The free platform providers have some limitation to use their product. So if you are new in blogging, I suggest you a free site for blogging by using Google Blogger. Blogger is a Fully features free Blogging Site on the Internet.

Why A Blog Is Important?

Now we are here to prove, How a Blog is necessary than any Social Media, Forum, Q&A Panel, Community Panel. As first if we talk about social media like Facebook, Twiter, Google+ these are the largest social media portal in the world. also, those have billions of user in the world. If you want to share your ideas on social media, Lots of people visits, share, Like your side, if it helpful & You can generate Huse leads. But what about Your privacy, Social Media will never give you full access to management. The main thing why you share your idea among all in free. because social media do not provide you money for that. You can generate only social media leads Not search engine leads because social media will never index your idea link on the search engine.

In community and Forum platform You can also share your idea, also you can generate leads, follows, likes by limited members on the forum. But as same as social media, Forum member never gives you full access to you. If the owner allowed to index your link to the search engine but all revenue will go to forum owner. So a blog is necessary for your product, Ideas, to share.

Now we are at a point that social media and Forums are not a suitable place for Idea sharing. Then if You will create a blog Can be got lots of benefits. By the help of Blog, you can make your own Posts & can also share on youtube, forums, social media. In Blog, you can control your Platform to create a custom layout, Manege Comments, Create Necerry Pages, create own subscription box, You can Index Your Posts, pages and attachment on the search engine to get more leads.  By quality and useful content, you can make your Own Brand on the Internet. The help of a subscription You can send Your latest posts Information to Subscribers. These are the Several Benefits of Creating a Blog.

Why Google Blogger Is Best Free Site For Blogging

Blogger is a Free Blog publishing platform, was created in 1999 August 29 By Pyra labs. In the year 2003, it was brought by Google. After brought from Pyra Labs, Google made all service were free. According to customer needs Google Added Individual archive, Comments, and Post By E-Mail Features in the year 2006.

On the Internet, there are lots of platforms (WordPress, Jhumla, Typepad etc) who provides blogging services, almost some are free also but if we talk about Google Blogger, It is full of  All features In One platform which is free. also, it has an Integration with Adsense, Amazon, Microsoft word. If you want to make Money Through Your Blog You can use Adsense and Amazon feature which is free. By Google+ integration you can show your Google+ profile On sidebar Of your website. So Google Blogger is Good For Newbies. Also, I Listed some Unique free Features that Makes Google Blogger On Top.

Basic Feature Of Google Blogger:

Free User Define Sub-Domain:-

This a very relevant feature for a blogger user. It helps to create web URL for business & personal uses. In a benefit, you can use it for free and Google blogger also give the full access to you. In future, you can index site on Search Engines, Advertise in your site, Add Custom Domain On Blogger site, Set Custom Robots.txt File On your subdomain website. But In other blogging platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Notepad are also providing free sub-domain feature, But they never allow you to advertise, Custom domain setup, Custom robots file setup in your subdomain URL. So for a New blogger, this is a very good feature for practice.

If you want to make money on, It has a good domain authority by this you can generate more web organic traffic & can also make money by place advertise on your site.

Free Hosting On your Brand Name Domain (

This is a very rare feature on the internet. No One never provides you free hosting for your website. But in the case of google blogger, you can add your brand name custom domain ( on your Blogger site by some verification process & google never demand you any penny. You can add multiple numbers of sub-domain (

You can add any domain name on google. This helps you to show your brand name on search engines without any subdomains.

Free To Use 50+ Blogger Templets:-


Upload User Made Custom Templet:-

Easy Layout Management:-

Blogger Author Profile:-

Google+ Profile:-

Inbuilt Meta Description For Seo:-

Robots.Txt For SEO:-

Google Analytic Integration:-

Custom Redirection:-

Easy Adsense Integration:-

Visitor Tracking System:-

Advance Blog Post System:-

Blogger On Mobile device:-

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